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As I tell my students on their first day of class, “this class will change your life.” While this may seem like an arrogant statement, the truth is that wine classes do change lives. Consumers become more savvy, servers become more knowledgeable — resulting in better tips, people change career paths, and educators and sommeliers keep their information current.

We welcome you to Wine Ed! The educators were inspired to create Wine Ed when facing their own challenges of easily finding textbooks with information that was current and accurate. Wine Ed’s purpose is to provide high quality, up-to-date information necessary for wine students, wine professionals, hospitality professionals, and wine aficionados. The information provided on Wine Ed will always be the most current in the business. Join us on this educational path!

Why Choose Wine Ed

Wine Ed’s training courses are perfect for those wanting to get thorough background about specific wine regions and styles from respected – and passionate – wine professionals with years of leading successful wine programs. Work at your pace and by the end of the course, you will have more confidence in serving, recommending, and purchasing wine.

Who Can Participate

Wine Ed is perfect for professionals in restaurants, catering, wine bars, retail, and the wine industry who desire more skills and confidence in describing, serving, and selling wine. The courses are ideal for wine enthusiasts who also want to learn more about the wines that they are enjoying and serving to friends and family.

What You Will Learn

Each course will go in-depth into the history, regions, grapes, location, climate, soils, and laws of each wine region. An extensive vocabulary list is included. Detailed descriptions of how the wine is produced will expand your expertise in the specific style of wine of the course.